Artist Statement

Utilizing recycled and scrap fabric I mix traditional and improv piecing with applique to create layers of rich texture. This, combined with heavy free hand quilting, produces wall hangings that draw in viewers and beg them to touch. By including piecing on the “back” I encourage the audience to explore the idea of artwork having only one “right side” or “right way”. This turns what is traditionally thought of as a 2D medium into a 3D medium. I am currently developing a hanging mechanism that will allow the quilts to be free standing so that people can walk around the piece in its entirety. My goal is to turn an every day medium, simple cotton fabric, into a work of art that is both stunning and comfortable, providing juxtaposition for much of our harsh modern environment.

Often quilting is viewed as an antiquated craft, that while practical, simply isn’t worthy of being considered true art. My work in this traditionally female medium seeks to remove this distinction of craft versus art and showcase the importance of textiles in our lives.

Additionally, I am exploring the concept of “quiltstallations”, of bringing the quilts outside and photographing them in interesting locations that relate to the piecing in some way. I am currently developing a way to display these photographs in connection with the actual quilted piece.